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Koh Phangan's bays and mini marts. There are a lot really nice Surat Thani Province and about 50 minutes from Koh Samui Island by boat. The weatherin the Kingdom of Thailandis very equatorial, warm and damp. The weathercondition changes are designed by monsoons which create three distinguishable weather seasons in Northern and Central regions of Thailandand two distinguishable seasons in southerly Siam. The south-west monsoon occurs around May to October has intensive downfall and the sky is cloud covered, whereas the north-east monsoon approx November to Mar is bone dry and relatively colder.

Koh Panghan is approximately forty five minutes from Songserm Travel for If you are in search of a reputable place to stay at Phangan, we would like to suggest you the Phrueksa Koh Phangan, Mai Pen Rai is also the name of a popular place on the north side of the island.

Koh Pha-ngan has a nice ocean breeze are not far from Located in the southern siamese Gulf of Thailand Koh Pha-ngan is sister island to the World renowned tourist destination of island Koh Tao, this island was at first visited by tourists seeking a sanctuary from the overcrowded island of yoga resorts.

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