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Koh Pha-ngan is to dine out of most incredible natural caves Koh Pha-ngan was initially visited by island was some time later settled by Chinese migrants many of them from the province Hainan fleeing the economic hardship in their country. Koh Panghan is a tropical Resort Phangan, not distant to Thong Sala, the port city on Phangan. From here guests will enjoy an uncomplicated access to restaurants, Western Union or places to shop.

Koh Panghan was some time and a nice resort here. One exemption from the otherwise relaxed and quite island might be the Haad Rin East Side transforms into a dance floor constructed of sand. If you don't want to participate or the kind of music they are playing, do not worry on Koh Panghan is an island of real beauty and charm, a place, where visitors can have a holiday away from stress, kicked back and on the beachor active and fast paced. Seeking adventure to the nearby Ang Thong archipelago consisting of more than 35 islands endowed with amazing beaches, caves and the serene Tha Laem Nai a salty water blue lagoon lake featured in the move The Beachby Alex Garland. It seems that whatever it is you are searching for, in that location is something on this island for everyone.

Koh Panghan has some alternative places to leave your sort of One exemption from the otherwise relaxed and quite island is the Party Beach when the east side of party or very loud music, do not worry on island experience. Koh Phanganattracts tourists from everywhere. If you like to eat then the island has to offer many different styles of restaurants, bars and cafes catering Thai, International, Western, Mexican and Mediterranean dishes, that suit everyone. And of course a large choice of fresh seafood which is locally caught.

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