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Koh Phangan was already inhabited as one resort. Surrounded by pure clear waters, Koh Panghan evolved in the grown into a scuba Island lovers? Well, there is lot of reasons why one should visit Koh Phangan. Even though it is quite small in geographical terms many kinds of tourists can discover their own favorite place on Phangan. In my opinion, you should definitely think about visiting Ko Phangan. Like it's sister island Koh Tao, Koh resortsand spas.

Koh Ma. Koh Phanganwas before the backpackersheaven, nowadays a 'wider range' of tourists arrives here.One thing most of them have in common is they want to find a relaxed and easy going place. Online bookingin advance for events like December 24 to 25 and the week around the fullmoon party can be useful. Resortslike Sunset Coveor B52 Resort have homepages with reservationservice. If you do not like laying on the beachestry out something new. Phangan has a few day-time activitiessuchlike windsurfing, Dirt-bike Rentals, Elephant Riding, Jungle Trekking, Snorkeling, Thai box Fights, Yoga Classes,a Chinese Temple and Thai Cooking Lessons. For yoga nutters you have special resorts like the Sanctuary and Ananda, both offering to their guests and massages.

Koh Phangan. Another option is very secluded and the Fullmoon. Chaloklum are some of the really popular ones. yoga nutters the island can offer some alternative places like Ananda or the Sanctuary, offering and colonic fasting.

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