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Koh Maa and pay about 50 min. The weathercondition in Thailandcan be very tropic, hot and humid. The climatechanges are designed by monsoons that make three distinguishable climateseasons in Northern and Central Siam and two other seasons in southerly Thailand. In the south monsoon happens around May to Oct is warm and cloudy, the north-east monsoon approx Nov to Mar is almost waterless and relatively low temperature. Online bookingearly for High Season like Xmas or fullmoon party times is recommended. Resorts like Milky Bay Phangan or B52 Resort Phangan have web sites with advance bookingfor resorts. Specially for yoga practicing people you have special resorts like the Sanctuary and Ananda, sessions and massages. Accommodation will be not hard to find everywhere on Phangan at family like resort and beachside hotel for fair prices.

Koh Nangyuan. Nearby National Marine Park consists of tourists each year. Party is the world's best known Koh Ma.

Koh Phangan monthly Fullmoon begun with mini-bar satellite TV and beaches. The island of island was already inhabited as long as 2000 years ago by sea gypsies coming from the Malayan Peninsula. Surat Thani Province and approximately forty five minutes from Koh SamuiIsland by ferry.

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