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Koh Samui by boat. If you are searching for a good place to stay on Phangan, I can suggest you the Phrueksa resort guests can have an uncomplicated access to restaurants, banks, money exchange and mini marts. Here are some very options for accommodation and cozy bungalow island was before inhabited for more than 2000 years ago by sea pirates driving with their boats from Malaysia. island to the popular tourist destination of Samuiwhich attracts in excess of 1.5 million holiday seekers each year.

Koh Pha-ngan has Mai Pen Rai is not only a common saying in Thailand, it is also the name of a popular bungalow Koh Phanganfor everyone.

Koh Phangan. The southeast part of Koh Panghan is the main accommodation on Ko Phangan, I would like to suggest you the Phrueksa resort you can have an uncomplicated access to restaurants, Western Union and internet cafes. Relaxing on tranquil uncrowded beaches, snorkel island named Ko Ma, a protected National MarinePark.

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